What is İngrown Hair (Pilonidal Sinus)?

Often seen in men under the age of 30, “İngrown Hair” or its medical name “Pilonidal Sinus” is called the hair socket under the skin. Pilonidal sinus (pilonidal sinus) is a skin disease that is defined by the subcutaneous cyst becoming inflamed and filled with skin debris, and then fistulizing the skin in a number of ways to drain it. After the cyst is formed, the skin wastes accumulating under the skin are caused by the accumulation of hair, fat, epithelial tissue and other skin tissue, and an inflamed tissue in that area.

In this disease, which is a cyst inside, the abscess of training the cyst to grow will be applied. In the case of correct intervention in the disease, the abscess from the hair progresses and engulfs its roots and may spread towards subcutaneous teaching. It causes application through the body with the help of self-drained releases.

It is seen less than hair, 3 times more in comparison. Living in the age range of hair growth is between 15-25. Although the one who will be raised in the school most in benefiting from the hair structure, may cause more in raising schools.

You are among those who are overweight, sitting too much during the day and sweating a lot, giving up. With the movements of the hip muscles while walking or as a child, the hairs are buried deeper, which causes hair return.

For this reason, ingrown hairs are seen quite a lot especially in professional groups such as bankers, students and drivers, and athletes who are interested in cycling or horse riding sports. In addition, the body structure is very hairy, the hair structure is dense and coarse, skin thickness and poor hygiene are other obvious factors of the disease.

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